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End of Year Assessment 2023 Results

We are overjoyed to shine a spotlight on the incredible achievements of our outstanding students! 🎉 Whether you've soared to new heights or demonstrated remarkable improvement, your dedication to learning has not gone unnoticed.

✨ Excellent results:

  • Yi Xin from CHIJ SNGS (S2, 85% IP Science)

  • Stephanie from Nanyang Girls High (S3, 94% IP Chemistry)

  • Yueyao from Nanyang Girls High (S3, 85% IP Chemistry, 95% Advanced Chemistry)

  • Li Ting from Nanyang Girls High (S3, 82% IP Chemistry)

  • Zoe from Raffles Girls School (S3, 80% IP Chemistry)

  • Kecan from Raffles Institution (S3, 80% IP Chemistry)

  • Anbo from Hwa Chong Institution (S2, 81% IP Science)

  • Encio from Nan Hua High School (S1, 82% Science)

  • Chongwu from Edgefield Secondary School (S1, 80% Science)

  • Diana from UWC SEA

📊 Significant improvements:

  • Xinyi from Hua Yi Secondary School

  • Kaitlyn from Nanyang Girls High

  • Shin Yu from Tanjong Katong Girls School

#SuccessStories #LearningJourney #AcademicExcellence🌟

About Sequoia Academics

Improving Scientific Literacy

"Focused, Unconventional, Relatable", words that resonate well with our style of tutoring. We are strong believers in the notion that one who does rote learning without understand is akin to being a walking dictionary, full of content with no substance.

Our educators have accumulated a wealth of teaching experience (11 years and counting) working in both government schools and various private education institutes. 

We strongly believe that every student has the capacity to understand and appreciate the art of Science, and to grow and excel regardless of their current academic level.

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